Rain or Mudslide?

This post is about failure…

It happens to all of us in small and big ways. The small ways are always better than the big ones. They typically can happen behind the scenes where no one will catch it but you. Then even if they happen with witnesses, because they are small, no one really blinks an eye.

But what about those big ones? The ones that are not going to be easy to sweep under the rug? The ones that have lasting impacts AND are apparent to others…what now?

Self-care advice: When big failures happen, you face that shit! It is the only way to fall like the rain- beautifully, powerfully and with grace!

Hiding and not acknowledging it (not to others but to yourself) will have you failing like a mudslide- it builds up, it is dirty, and it damages anything in its path! Your choice…rain or mudslide?

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