Intentional spaces as bridges to peace...

Those close to me, know I will tap out at any many moment! Meaning, if I've engaged with the world too much, I'll need a few days to recharge and connect with some life-giving energy. It could be listening to music without lyrics or nurturing my ears with a different genre of music/sound. My home environment also plays a big role in restoring myself. My home is not just a place I live, but a place where I seek restoration. From the colors I've integrated into my space, to the scents I release into the atmosphere. It all has an intentional purpose. At Sweet Escape Restoration Center, we know the power of intentional environments and their ability to create peace and balance in our lives. They become the buffers to the inevitable stress and challenges that we face on any given day. What intention have you put into to your space that will provide you peace?


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