Feeling too consumed by the trivial things in life?

Here at SERC, we subscribe to the idea that the best equation to start the process of becoming a better you is self-awareness + self-care. I've been focusing a lot lately on the self-care aspect of that equation in the last few weeks. One thing I noticed, is that if I am focusing intentional time on the practices that keep me emotionally and mentally well, my tolerance for all the random BS that can pop up on any given day (worries/concerns, people, things, etc.) should be SUPER LOW. There is literally no room or time for it.

I had an 'ah-ha' moment when I started to think about all the things I should be doing and created visuals for how these life-giving activities could be implemented in my life. Keep in mind, this does not include my full-time and part-time job commitments or extra-curricular things I commit myself to! The list was long!

Now, I laugh in the face of the minuscule things that pop into my head, "Whose called?" "Who hasn't called?" "Do I have all the boots to complete my winter wardrobe?" "Do I have time to find an ACCEPTABLE partner to have a child with?"

Those thoughts and questions stacked up against my list of life-giving practices are laughable. They have to take a backseat to the things that matter...which is ME and my continuous growth.

Feeling too consumed by the trivial things in life? Re-evaluate your self-care/growth regime. More than likely, that is being neglected or it is not sufficient.


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