8 Limbs of Yoga: Part 1

As, promised I am posting the image of the first 2 limbs we covered during the yoga session on 6/5.

Why cover this? I believe to really understand yoga, we should look at it in its totality and the 8 limbs are a good place to start.

My hope is through this exploration, individuals will begin to see how yoga can complement a lifestyle of 'right-living' whether you practice a specific religion or other practice that serves as your moral and/or ethical compass.

As in all things, it is in your power and right to take what serves your higher purpose, and leave behind that which does not.

We will cover the remaining 6 this Friday, and I will fill the remaining limbs before class, just in case you would like to have it on-site to take notes about anything that comes up for you.

8 Limbs of Yoga
Download PDF • 30KB


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