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  • Human Development & Family Studies

  • Organizational Leadership

  • Facilitation

  • Mental Health First Aid Certified 

  • Certified Yoga Teacher

Dani Hart, MA, CYT
Servant Leader | Self-Care Advocate

Danielle, affectionately known ‘Dani’ is a native of Indianapolis, IN currently residing in Gary, IN.  Her journey here has not been a game of Candy Land, but more like Chutes & Ladders, yet each pit stop has equipped her for the work she does today.


As the daughter of two parents who are leaders in a faith ministry, service has always been something she has seen modeled, and she challenged herself to define what that looked like for her.  Her first step was pursuing her Bachelor's degree in Human Development & Family Studies with two minors in Public Health & Human Sexuality from Indiana University- Bloomington with the intent of becoming a family therapist.  After 4 years of realizing her strengths in the workforce, she was re-directed and went on to pursue her Masters and graduated with a concentration in Organizational Leadership from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2014. 

With education and significant leadership training under her belt, she still did not have a clear vision of how she wanted to serve but she felt in her soul that her career aspirations would not happen within a traditional 9-5 corporate job.  The life she desired and the work she needed to do required less structure and more creativity. That is when she sought out the opportunity to be a part of the prestigious StartUP Gary cohort consisting of current and aspiring entrepreneurs in the city of Gary of Indiana in partnership with Indiana University University- Northwest, Small Business Development Center of Northwest Indiana and under the leadership of Cynthia Williams, Founder and Lead Consultant of Ideation Zone.  StartUP Gary served as the catalyst for her work today allowing her to develop a clear vision for the Sweet Escape Restoration Center (SERC).


SERC is the manifestation of all the experiences and tools she has gathered along the way. SERC exists to aid the community in restorative practices that lead to healing from the daily challenges of life.  The center is unique because it was birthed from the personal experiences of its founder. Dani has experienced first-hand the power of taking time out for ‘self’ to heal and restore what has been broken spiritually, mentally, and/or physically.  Individuals who come to SERC understand that (or come to understand) what they are trying to heal must first come from a love of self and that they must take ownership of that process.

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